Stramatel Judo Scoreboard

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  • Scoreboard
  • Set of removable plates: blue, white, red 2 Control consoles

2 Carrying cases

Mains cable (12m) – Type: 230V, 3G, 0.75mm²



Use : Indoor

Transmission : Radio or cable controlled

Readability : 55 m, angle >160°

Dimensions : 1500 x 600 x 90 mm

Weight : 17kgs

Power supply: 230v/60 Hz

Protection : Unbreakable mat polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032-3)

Integrated horn : 100 dB at 1 m

Cable controlled model: 1 Control Cable (10m) – Type: phone cable, 4 wires, 0.60mm²

Connection between the scoreboard and the control console


Display Functions

Country code: 2 x 3 yellow alphanumerical characters (16 cm)

Weight category: 3 yellow LED digits (9 cm) + yellow cross (+/-)

Score : Ippon (I) : 2 x 1 red LED digit (12 cm)

Waza-Hari (W) : 2 x 1 red LED digit (12 cm)

Yoko (Y) : 2 x 1 red LED digit (12 cm)

Blinking arrows (indication of the winner side)

Penalties : Hansoku-make (H) : 2 x 1 red point

Shido (S) 1-2-3 : 2 x 3 red points

Timers : Contest time, Osaekomi, Golden score: 3 red LED digits (12 cm)

Osaekomi timer indicator: 2 red arrows

Osaekomi timer: 2 red digits (12 cm)

Medical interventions: 2 x 2 green crosses

Teams indication: White and blue stickers


Control Console

1 console : (340 x 175 x 60 mm) with back-lighted LCD screen with 2 lanes of 20 characters (9 mm high)

USB Port: For programme update

Programme: Judo (competition), Randori (training) according to the rules of the IJF (2013)

Acoustic signal Programmable with 3 different sounds (for 3 different competitions in the same dojo)

Multilingual Programme



Repeater : extendable with a CJF repeater

Wheeled stand



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