Archery netting supply and install

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Archery protection netting in fine close mesh, available in white or green, made to measure sizes or standard stock items.

SES are pleased to offer free shipping on all orders over £120.00.

SES can provide a great Archery netting supply and install service with ease, due to our 30 years of experience in the  industry. Archery mesh is a very tough backstop netting that has achieved excellent results in all tests that were performed. We offer one of the best Archery netting mesh you can buy either with supply and installation as well as supply only to your door step . We have installed this fine mesh archery netting in may sports halls, leisure centres, Archery clubs and Holiday activity centres.

Installed using tension wires or heavy duty aluminium trackway for sports halls or indoor centres.

Archery netting is manufactured from a high quality close fine mesh offered as supply only, bespoke made and installed by our own professional engineers.

The Archery netting is made of a close weave nylon weighing approximately 384 grams per m2.

All archery nets come complete with brass eyelets around perimeter at 300mm centres. The netting hangs loosely and when an arrow impacts,  the netting ‘gives’ and absorbs the energy of the arrow, slowing it down and stopping it. For the lighter poundage bows and club level bows using target archery arrows, the netting will stop the arrow nearly all of the time. A lot of clubs and organisations use this netting very successfully.

NOTE: This netting doesn’t always stop all arrows. In particular hunting arrows will cut the net. Also heavy pull bows and stronger compound bows will be more likely to cause arrows to leak through the netting.  As a safety measure if you don’t have a good area of clear ground behind the target and netting, a second layer of netting spaced back from the first is advisable.


  • We strongly recommend not keeping your archery backstop netting taut as this will greatly increase the chances of your arrows penetrating the net.
  • Keep the net as loose as possible and be left dragging along the floor where possible in order for it to completely absorb the energy of the arrow.
  • For example, bunch the net like a half-drawn curtain; the more folds, the greater the stopping power. The weight of the net is what helps to slow the arrows.
  • Field Points are recommended for use with these Backstop Nets.
  • Please refrain from using Broadheads as these are most likely to pierce the net.
  • For ‘Have a Go’ sessions, Backstop Netting is a strong requirement as stated in the GNAS Code of Practice (barring a safe over-shoot space – minimum 50 yards).
  • Archery Backstop Netting is NOT guaranteed to stop all variety of arrows from Recurve, Compound, Traditional or Crossbows.
  • Archery Backstop Netting’s primary purpose is to be utilised as an additional safety screen, whilst also speeding up arrow retrieve



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