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Sports hall court marking and sports floor refurbishment service provided by Sports Equipment Supplies a company specialising in sports hall equipment, sports floors and court marking. Call us for free on  0330 128 9912  or email to find out how we can help.

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Sports hall court marking and sports floor refurbishment service provided by Sports Equipment Supplies a company specialising in sports hall equipment, sports floors and court marking (Sports hall flooring installation) .

Sports floors must be line marked to strict dimensions with line widths +/-2mm and overall dimensions within 0.1% of Sport England guidelines. Failure to comply could result in your venue being unable to host future tournaments, so you can’t afford to get it wrong! No matter what the primary use of your sports floor is, the line marking will be subject to heavy wear. For this reason we don’t recommend taped lines as it’s very easy for tape to pull loose.

In the long term, professionally painted lines and court markings will prove a more durable and reliable option at a lower cost. We use a two-part polyurethane paint which typically gives a 5-7 year life span between re-marking, compared with a typical 3-5 life span for water-based paint.

Changes To Regulation Court Markings

If you require revised court markings to meet changes in regulations, such as those for Basketball, we offer solutions ranging from localised cleaning and painting of the specific area that we will be applying the new lines, to a complete sand and re-seal (wood floors only) to restore your entire floor to its new condition with a complete set of new lines.

If we are revising the line marking we will be ‘painting out’ the old markings as necessary. We would work with you to choose a colour that closely matches your existing floor whatever the surface type. If it’s not invisible it will be a very good match.

Bespoke Court Painting

Alongside line marking, we offer bespoke court painting such as marking a border around the principal court, infilling the keys or centre circle on your court and hand painting a school or club logo onto your floor to completely transform and personalise your court.

The process of installing Sports hall line markings varies between contracts depending on various factors. Measuring the numerous courts is by far one of the most challenging aspects due to the specialist skill involved. If the line markings are incorrect, this could affect your venue’s ability to hold events.

Prior to Sports hall flooring installation  for line markings, we ask for a preliminary confirmation of the client’s requirements for the various courts and to discuss any updated court regulations set by the governing bodies of sport and Sport England.

The design layout of individual Sports Hall Line markings has to be carefully planned out so that they are not too close or run over each other.



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We are very happy with the work that Stewart and his team have done for us; installing 6 adjustable baskets in a local college sports hall. Right from the off his communication and help by asking the right questions and his low key expertise gave us the confidence that he knew what he was doing- because we didn’t- and this has been amply justified by the results; They were also very competitive on the price. He communicated well with the college and the installation was done quickly, with minimal fuss and exactly on schedule. We would highly recommend SES.’

Doug Bonnar, Basketball Coach

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