Stramatel Multisport Scoreboard
452 MB 3123-2

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Use: Indoor

Transmission: Radio (868 MHz) or cable

Readability: 110m, angle >160°

Dimensions: 3200 x 2000 x 90mm

Weight: 102 kg

Power supply: 230V / 50-60Hz



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1 Scoreboard made of 4 modules

2 Control consoles, 1 start/stop timer console

1 PC keyboard

2 Carrying cases for control consoles

3 Mains cables

Junction box and transmission cables (for cable controlled version)

Operating and installation instructions



Use: Indoor

Transmission: Radio (868 MHz) or cable

Readability: 110m, angle >160°

Dimensions: 3200 x 2000 x 90mm

Weight: 102 kg

Power supply: 230V / 50-60Hz

Power consumed: 343 VA

Protection: Unbreakable mat polycarbonate front face (DIN 18032-3)

Horn: 1x integrated horn, 116dB at 1m

Mains cable (supplied): 3×20 m – Type: 230V, 3G, 0.75 mm²

Cable controlled: For cable controlled models or radio controlled models with cable set:
Junction Box + 50 m transmission cable (scoreboard/junction box) -Type: phone cable 2 pairs 6/10th + 10 m transmission cable DIN/DIN (junction box/console)


Display functions

Main module:

Score: 2 x 3 red LED digits (25 cm)

Period: 1 green LED digit (20 cm)

Team names: 20 yellow LED alphanumerical characters (12 cm)

Moving messages (Ads/Sponsor): 1000 characters

Ball possession: 2 red LED arrows

Timer/Rest period: 4 white LED digits (25 cm) + blinking points

Team fouls (BB) / sets (VB, T, TT…): 2 yellow LED digits (20 cm)

Time out (BB, HB, VB) / No. of exclusions (HB): 2 x 3 green LED points

Day Time: When the scoreboard is not in use

Bottom module:

Excluded player (HB) / last penalized player (BB) or set result for home team (VB, T, TT…):

6 x 2 yellow LED digits (16 cm)

Penalty timer (HB) / Time-out timer (BB) / No. of individual fouls for last penalized player (BB)/ set result for guest team (VB, T, TT): 6 x 3 red LED digits (16 cm) + blinking points

Lateral modules:

Individual fouls (BB): 5 yellow LED points + 1 red LED point per player (12)

Player number: 2 yellow LED digits (9 cm) per player (12)


Control Consoles

2 consoles: (340 x 175 x 60 mm) with LCD screen with 2 lanes of 20 characters (9mm high)

  • Main console: management of the main functions
  • Control console for individual fouls

1 Start/stop timer console: 145 x 150 x 40 mm for timer, time out, horn 1 Keyboard Entering team names + moving messages (option)

1 charger (radio): Hold the consoles in charge when there are not in use. (Autonomy max 16 h)

Connection plugs: DIN between the consoles

USB Port: For program update or connect PC keyboard

Programme: 14 sport disciplines + “Free mode” to create your own sport discipline or for additional sports (wrestling, Pelota…)

Multilingual Programme



TV Interface (RS 485): Data transmission for TV broadcasting

Sound Interface: Connection with sport hall sound system – Horn sound amplifier

DCF or GPS Antenna: For accurate time synchronisation

Cable set: Cable mode for radio controlled scoreboard

Precision Time Interface: Connection with electronic whistle

Pair of shot-clocks: Attack timer with or without main time repeater

Led Strips: Electric light to be installed behind the backboard

MPA: Ball possession indicator


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452 MB 3123-2”

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