Outdoor Sports Surface – Macadam Surfacing

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Outdoor Sports Surface, Macadam. In most cases, the new macadam will adhere to the existing surface if a bitumen emulsion tack coat is used and rolled to a consolidated depth of 25-30mm

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Macadam Surfacing is a all round great sports playing surface with its  smooth surface, predictable bounce, has a improved porosity and is a durable sports surface.Depending on usage and maintenance levels, macadam resurfacing will give your courts a further 10 to 15 years of life. You should expect a smooth new sports playing surface that delivers a predictable bounce and improved porosity – a brand new sports facility without the cost of a rebuild.In most cases, the new macadam will adhere to the existing surface if a bitumen emulsion tack coat is used and rolled to a consolidated depth of 25-30mm. The edge of the court surface can be feathered down gradually to the level of the existing kerbs. Or, if required, a new kerb edging can be set at the new level.On top of the great features the Macadam sports surfaces is mostly used in MUGAs as a perfect MUGA surface.

Post sockets will be raised appropriately to maintain the correct net height, either using extension pieces or new sockets. Finishing touches like line marking or full acrylic colour spraying can be applied when the macadam has cured, typically a minimum of three weeks after application. Temporary lines can be applied in the interim. Porous macadam provides a hard-wearing, durable, free-draining playing surface. It also requires the least maintenance of all of the surfaces available.

There is a continuum along which the degree of porosity passes using the products available in this country. This passes from open graded to medium grade, from medium grade to dense. The closer the grade comes to dense, the more durable the surface will be. The trade-off here for sport is that as your surface becomes more durable by using a close graded or dense macadam, and the porosity is reduced. This equals standing water and more downtime of use. I think it was Hamlet who posed the question ‘Longevity vs. Porosity, that is the question’ – or maybe that was someone else.


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We are very happy with the work that Stewart and his team have done for us; installing 6 adjustable baskets in a local college sports hall. Right from the off his communication and help by asking the right questions and his low key expertise gave us the confidence that he knew what he was doing- because we didn’t- and this has been amply justified by the results; They were also very competitive on the price. He communicated well with the college and the installation was done quickly, with minimal fuss and exactly on schedule. We would highly recommend SES.’

Doug Bonnar, Basketball Coach

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