Favero Multisport scoreboard

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Multisport scoreboard FC54H25N12A1


Multisport scoreboard suitable for medium-size gymnasiums and sports halls, with side panels for number and fouls of 12 players.
FIBA approved, level 3.
Suitable for: Basketball, 3×3 basketball, Mini-Basketball, Volleyball, 5-a-Side Football (Futsal), Waterpolo, Handball, Netball, Ice Hockey, Rink Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling, etc..
Height of main display digits: 25cm. Viewing distance: 110m.


  • Multisport scoreboard, FIBA approved, level 3.
  • Viewing distance: 110m for 25cm high digits, 90cm for 20cm high digits.
  • Viewing angle: 150°.
  • Display of: team names, team scores, game time, timeout, team fouls or penalty times, period, ball possession, number and fouls of player.
  • Resistant to damage from balls as per DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554: 1989 (YouTube video).
  • Wireless or wired communication.
  • Display of the time of the day.
  • Horn.
  • Suitable for indoor application.
  • Wall mounting. Supplied with brackets.
  • Dimensions and weight: 241x143x9cm, 70kg.
  • To be used together with specific control console.


  • Multisport scoreboard, suitable for medium-size gymnasiums and sports halls.
  • FIBA approved, level 3 (info, FIBA certificate).
  • Viewing distance: 110m for 25cm high digits, 90cm for 20cm high digits.
  • Viewing angle: 150°.
  • Displayed functions:
    • Team names [6 characters per team]: 16cm high.
    • Game time [00: 00 – 99: 59]: digits 25cm high.
    • Team scores [0 – 199]: digits 25cm high.
    • Period [0 – 9, E]: digit 20cm high.
    • Penalty times [0: 00 – 9: 59] / Team fouls / Sets won [0 – 99]: digits 20cm high.
    • Player number [4 – 15]: permanent fixed digits, 8.3cm high.
      Player fouls/penalties [4 indicator lights + 1 red]: diameter 2.5cm.
    • Timeout [3 light indicators per team]: diameter 2.5cm.
    • Ball possession / Service / Turn [1 light indicator per team]: diameter 2.5cm.
  • Compliant with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554: 1989 standard on “Resistance to damage from balls” (YouTube video).
    No front protection cover is required. You save on the cost of a protective cover, full visibility is guaranteed, and access to the scoreboard is easy.
  • To be used together with Console-700.
  • Reliable wireless communication: by 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) radio transmission to avoid interference. The use of a wireless system reduces costs by eliminating the need of a cable connection between console and scoreboards.
  • Suitable for indoor application.
  • Shipping is cheap and fast. The scoreboard is especially designed to be taken apart into smaller modules that are easy to assemble. This allows it to be shipped via all major couriers at a low cost and with faster delivery times to all countries.
  • Easy to install. Installation instructions in 5 languages. Supplied with brackets for wall mounting.
  • Game timer. Using the Control Console (see ACCESSORIES) you can choose different operation modes depending on the sport selected: game and interval time, count back or forward, display last minute tenths of a second, display time of day, etc..
  • Clock function to display time of the day, also with unplugged console.
  • The horn can be sounded manually or automatically when the time expires, producing a strong acoustic signal [120dB(A) at 1m] with adjustable duration and intensity.
  • Robust container made from powder-coated aluminum. Front panel made from anti-glare polycarbonate.
  • All the internal parts can be accessed from the front for easy maintenance.
  • Large angle, high quality SMT LED digits, with a typical life of 100,000 hours.
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 400VA. Supplied with power supply cable and plug (plug type can be chosen when ordering).
  • Guarantee: 2 years (info).
  • Dimensions and weight: 241x143x9cm, 70kg.
  • Product options, selectable after adding the article to the basket:
    • Type of plug.
    • Console connection cable, if wireless communication is not used.
    • Anti-moisture coating of the electronic boards, recommended for swimming-pool and ice-rink installations.


Additional accessories, to be bought separately, necessary for product operation.

Control console: not supplied with the scoreboard.

  • Art.308-01 Console-700
    Console with 7″ color touchscreen display. Wireless or wired communication.

Note: a console can control various scoreboards, for example those installed at the ends of the playing field.

Optional articles, to complete the product.

  • Art.308-10 Case-700, carrying case for Console-700
    Robust carrying case for easy transport.
  • Art.232-03 Time-Console-03
    Additional console, useful for the timekeeper or the 24/14/30 second shot clock operator.
  • 24 seconds or 30 seconds Shot Clocks
    Additional scoreboards in various versions to display the offense/possession time and game time.


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