F9C Composite Football

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FC9 Baden Composite Cover Football

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FC9 Baden Composite Cover Football

The F9C Official Adult ball – part of Baden’s Composite range of American Footballs

The F9 model features a deluxe composite cover; offering both a great grip for the thrower and a cushioned feel for the receiver. This cover, combined with Baden’s Sharkback lacing, also helps to increase the spin rate of a thrown ball for tighter spirals. The ball also includes premium laces, with a larger footprint than standard models, for a superior grip area.

• The FC9 Official Adult ball and designed for practice use
• Deluxe composite cover
• Premium synthetic laces with Baden’s ‘Shark-Back’ design – increases spin rate for tighter spirals
• BuckSkin colour with QB-1 logo
• NFHS Approved model


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”We are delighted with the new net and very impressed that it only took the (friendly and helpful) engineers just a morning to install it. Overall, considering when we first got in touch, the entire installation was done in very good time indeed.”

William Townshend, Bellhaven School

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