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Ultra Netball
Ultra Netball
Molten Ultra Netball
School and Club Match Ball
  • BRAND NEW NETBALL for 2017
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colour choices
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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Brand New 2500 Series - Excellent Quality 18 panel club/school/match and training ball.

Hand stitched and made fromvulcanised rubber with a latex bladder.

Deep embossed pimples for excellent all weather grip.

*ATTENTION - When inflating a ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion. We suggest soft soap would be a suitable substance.*

Molten is an internationally recognised sports brand because of the high quality of its products and the many international competitions and tournaments in which they have served as official game balls.

Molten Footballs are used extensively in a number of sponsored football leagues, as well as some of the Arsenal FC Academies.

The Molten G-Series basketball will be the official game basketball for all FIBA international eventís worldwide up to 2016;  while many of the Molten sports balls, from soccer balls to volleyballs, carry international federation approval including FIFA, FIBA, FIVA and IHF.

All Molten basketballs are manufactured in 12 panels, rather than the traditional 8 basketball panels of other basketball manufacturers. They are packed with ground breaking, Molten patented basketball technology to enhance the basketball players performance in basketball shooting, basketball dribbling and basketball passing as the Molten basketballs have additional seams for better fingertip control by the basketball player.

508 Easiplay Pink Netball Post
Ideally suited for use at home, or in primary schoolsIncludes pink pole padding for added safetySize of box 40Height can be set anywhere between 4' and 10'(1.2 to 3.05m)
RRP £111.00
HSN1000 Top International Netball
Outstanding Professional Quality International Netball. Deep embossed pimples provides excellent grip, Molten Netball with high air retention bladder.Vulcanised rubber outer carcass with latex bladderHand stitched constructionOFFICIAL BALL for the FAST5 ALL STARS NETBALL TOURNAMENT
RRP £22.00
Soft Rubber Sports Ball
Soft touch no-sting multi-purpose sports ball.Moulded construction.Ultimate training ball for beginners of all ages
RRP £10.00
Playground Fun Ball
Great fun multi-sport soft play ballFor kids in the gym, school hall and playground.Can be kicked, thrown, headed, bounced and caught! Baden Playground ball, a soft ball for all sports
From £5.25