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Water Polo Scoring Equipment
SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
Stramatel SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
Indoor Pool version, Outdoor models available
  • SC30 Eco are mains power and cable control.
  • SC30 Autonom are Radio Control with Battery or Mains power
  • Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery from ordering.
  • Compliant with new FINA 2019 30/20 timer regulations.
  • Coaches Time Out signalling programme and remote now available
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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The Stramatel SC30 timers details are:-
Dimensions 500 x 300 x 65 mm
Weight : 2 x 2 Kg
Digit height : 25 cm
Distance of readability : 100 m
Angle of readability : 160
Display : LEDs (SMD)
There are three (3) options in the SC30 timers:-
the Stramatel SC30 Eco (not shown) which is a mains operated, cable control model with seperate horn. This model has cables of 20mtrs and 60mtrs to connect to each shot clock and requires 1 power point plug in.Standalone or can link to W-Top.
The Stramatel SC30 now has 2 options, the Autonom RC Battery or Mains operated model to work with the W-Top or as a Stand Alone (see image) and the SC30 Radio Control, Battery or Mains power to operate with main scoreboards with an integral Horn.

The SC30 battery models need to be on constant trickle charge when not in use to maintain battery life.
All models of the Stramatel SC30 timers come with:-
Control console and carrying case
Mains cable
Using instructions

 Sports Equipment Supplies are one of the leading approved suppliers of Stramatel Electronic Scoring Equipment manufacturers and their scoreboards carry the Governing Body endorsement for Basketball Scoreboards as well as other sports such a Water polo.

As a leading supplier, Sports Equipment Supplies of Stramatel Scoreboards and scoring equipment for all sports, SES can offer a full Stramatel Scoreboards supply at very competitive prices and a repair service as one of the Approved Stramatel Service operators.

Stramatel scoreboards have been approved by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) since 2001 and they became a FIBA Partner in 2006.

Stramatel Scoreboards carry a 2 year (Parts) Warranty and an 8 year LED Warranty.Stramatel scoreboards offer further products such as timing systems for swimming competitions, timers and clocks, emergency call stations and industrial displays.

452 series PS 900 Water Polo Scoreboard
PS900 complies with International Water Polo rulesStramatel PS900 displays time of day when not in usePlease allow up to 4 weeks for delivery from ordering.
W-Top Water Polo Portable Scoreboard
The W-Top is a portable scoreboard for Water Polo.Battery or Mains power option models availableW-Top has a back-lit LCD-screen for better comfortW Top packages with RC either Cable or mains Attack TimersASK FOR A QUOTE FOR A PACKAGE DEAL WITH SHOT CLOCKSPlease allow 4 weeks for delivery. 6 weeks at peak times
From £760.00
PB3020 Water Polo Scoreboard
Wall mount Stramatel PB3020 water polo scoreboard.PB3020 displays time clock when not in use.Stramatel PB3020 works with SC30 battery timer clocks.Battery operated radio console when in use.PB3020 complies with International Federation rules
Multi Top Carry Case
Protect your Stramatel Multi Top ScoreboardMulti Top carry case delivered direct from Stramatel.Makes carrying your Stramatel Multi Top easy and safe!Suitable for all Multi Top Portable scoreboards