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Water Polo Scoring Equipment
Multi Top Carry Case
Multi Top Carry Case
Multi Top Carry Case
Multi Top Carry Case
Stramatel Multi Top Carry Case
Stramatel multi top carry case
Code: Multi Top Carry
  • Protect your Stramatel Multi Top Scoreboard
  • Multi Top carry case delivered direct from Stramatel.
  • Makes carrying your Stramatel Multi Top easy and safe!
  • Suitable for all Multi Top Portable scoreboards
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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Ideal carry case for the Stramatel Multi Top Scoreboard

This Stramatel carry case is designed specifically for the Stramatel Multi Top scoreboard to protect it in transit.

Please note the Stramatel Multi Top carry case is not a regular stock line and may take up to 6 weeks to deliver direct from Stramatel.

 Sports Equipment Supplies are one of the leading approved suppliers of Stramatel Electronic Scoring Equipment manufacturers and their scoreboards carry the Governing Body endorsement for Basketball Scoreboards as well as other sports such a Water polo.

As a leading supplier, Sports Equipment Supplies of Stramatel Scoreboards and scoring equipment for all sports, SES can offer a full Stramatel Scoreboards supply at very competitive prices and a repair service as one of the Approved Stramatel Service operators.

Stramatel scoreboards have been approved by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) since 2001 and they became a FIBA Partner in 2006.

Stramatel Scoreboards carry a 2 year (Parts) Warranty and an 8 year LED Warranty.Stramatel scoreboards offer further products such as timing systems for swimming competitions, timers and clocks, emergency call stations and industrial displays.

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