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Water Polo Scoring Equipment
Kit 30s Water Polo Shot Clocks or Attack Timers
Kit 30s Water Polo Shot Clocks or Attack Timers
Favero Electronic Kit 30s Water Polo Shot Clocks or Attack Timers
Favero possession timers for Water Polo
  • Favero Water Polo ball possession timers and package deals.
  • Water polo kit with 2 timers, battery and control console
  • Favero mains only operated possession timers.
  • Option for additional timers to add in to units
  • With anti moisture coating to prevent damage.
  • Now new package with the FC50 Radio Control Model Board
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Favero KIT30s (Art.271)
The Favero KIT30s is designed for displaying ball possession time and timeout in Water Polo. Current regulation possession time is 30 seconds.

The Favero KIT30s is composed of two 30-seconds display panels, a command console, and a 24V power supply unit which secures isolation of the electrical power supply. The power supply unit comes with a 20m cable for connection from points far from the pool.

Possibility of modifying possession time and timeout from 1 to 99 seconds.
20cm-high digits in red. Visibility: 70m.
Green light on display indicating the time count in action.
End of time acoustic buzzer on each display.
Connecting cables to the 2 display panels: 1 x 20m + 1 x 40m, supplied
Connecting cable to the power supply unit for securing isolation of the electrical mains: 1 x 20m, supplied.
Conformal Coating (anti-moisture) of the electronic boards.
Possibility of adding two more 30-seconds display panels (art.273).
Power supply: 230V ac, 40VA MAX.

FAVERO ELECTRONIC DESIGN manufactures a wide range of electronic devices for sports and leisure activities, such as billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, clocks for hourly rates, Coin-token Acceptors, etc..We can satisfy the needs of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports

PS-M 160 Portable Multisport Scoreboard
Favero portable scoreboard visible from 30 metresHeigh of digits: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m.Multisport scoreboard for most indoor sportsShipped direct from factory to you usually in 10-15 days.Mains plug control with battery option if no power availableTransport case available for protection.
From £72.36
PS-M Portable Scoreboard Carry Case
Durable plastic carry case for Favero portableCarry case for the Favero PS-M portable scoreboard
WSC-24s Shot Clock/Attack Timers  'NEW'
Floor mounting, no cables required. Resistant to ball impact.Rechargeable long-lasting (˃25h) internal power bank.New FINA 2019 Regulation Compliant for Water PoloMultilingual touchscreen control using the new RC Console-700.Complete SET with 2 displays + control console and console caseGuarantee: 2 years.Reliable wireless communication
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
Favero FC50H15, brand new, with state of the art radio consoleFavero Multisport scoreboard with radio control consoleNew concept wireless Console -700, touchscreen easy to use Package deal complete with carry case for the control consoleWall mounted with time of day display when not in use.An affordable Radio Control Board for all indoor sports
From £1,100.00