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Water Polo Scoring Equipment
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
Favero Electronic WSC Water Polo Shot Clock/Attack Timers
From Favero for all sports using countdown timers
Code: WSC 268-02
  • Floor mounting, no cables required. Resistant to ball impact.
  • Rechargeable long-lasting (˃25h) internal power bank.
  • New FINA 2019 Regulation Compliant for Water Polo
  • Multilingual touchscreen control using the new RC Console-700.
  • Complete SET with 2 displays + control console and console case
  • Guarantee: 2 years.Reliable wireless communication
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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Wireless 24 -30 second shot clock display. No power or transmission cable required. Ideal for basketball and water polo.


Shot clock/Attack Timer for basketball or water polo (adjustable) or any sport where a countdown clock is required.

Digit height: 20 cm

Visibility distance and angle: 70m, 150.

Red light for end of possession.

Tenths of seconds displayed in the last 5 seconds for basketball, in accordance to FIBA rules.

Resistant to ball impact (DIN 18032-3 standard) and 1 m drops (EN 62368-1 standard).

Rechargeable, long-lasting (>25h) internal power bank. The power bank supplied with the device works as a battery; it is widely available and can be easily replaced if necessary. To recharge it, use a common smartphone charger with micro USB port. The charger is not supplied. The display can also be powered directly by a USB 2A output charger.

105db/1m buzzer.

Reliable wireless communication: 2.4GHz in FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) mode to avoid interferences.

Control via Console-700,

Dimensions: 28.5x32x10cm

Weight: 2.75 kg

FAVERO ELECTRONIC DESIGN manufactures a wide range of electronic devices for sports and leisure activities, such as billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, clocks for hourly rates, Coin-token Acceptors, etc..We can satisfy the needs of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports

Electronic Possession Arrow
FIBA approved possession arrowMains powered basketball possession arrowPlease allow up to 14 days for delivery on this item
RRP £485.00
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