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Water Polo Scoring Equipment

  We offer a full range of Stramatel Water Polo scoreboards and Water Polo timers which are available as either portable battery operated units or mains power units,  or  wall mount scoreboards and timers.

Water Polo scoring equipment can be used indoors or outdoors subject to having the correct power source available.

We have also recently added the Favero range of electronic scoreboards to our range as one of Favero's distribution agents in the UK.

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452 series PB 3000 Water Polo Scoreboard
PB3000 displays time of day when not in game use.Stramatel PB3000 is water and humidity proofPB3000..
452 series PS 900 Water Polo Scoreboard
PS900 complies with International Water Polo rulesStramatel PS900 displays time of day when not in u..
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
Favero FC50H15, brand new, with state of the art radio consoleFavero Multisport scoreboard with radi..
From £1,100.00
Multi Top Carry Case
Protect your Stramatel Multi Top ScoreboardMulti Top carry case delivered direct from Stramatel.Make..
PB3020 Water Polo Scoreboard
Wall mount Stramatel PB3020 water polo scoreboard.PB3020 displays time clock when not in use.Stramat..
PS-M 160 Portable Multisport Scoreboard
Favero portable scoreboard visible from 30 metres 9cm digitsDimensions and weight: 55 x 35 x 9.5cm, ..
From £72.36
PS-M Portable Scoreboard Carry Case
Durable plastic carry case for Favero portableCarry case for the Favero PS-M portable scoreboard..
SC 30 Water Polo Shot Clocks
SC30 Eco are mains power and cable control.SC30 Autonom are Radio Control with Battery or Mains powe..
From £685.00
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