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Multi Sport Small and Portable Scoreboards
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Favero Electronic Play20-C Multisport Scoreboard
Favero Play20 range of scoreboards
  • Play20-C available as standard or with remote control
  • Favero Play20-C offers a reasonable price range product
  • Favero products usually available within 10-days
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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Favero PLAY20-C with keys only control console (Art.350)
Visualized functions

Scores: from 0 to 199 each side.
Set/Bonus: from 0 to 3 each side.
Possession/Priority/Turn: right or left hand side.
Chronometer: up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
Technical data
Favero Play 20-C Scoreboard's digits: 17.4cm high.
Chronometer's digits: 15cm high.
Visibility. Scores: 60 meters. Chronometer: 50 meters.
Counting time: programmable and choice of count up or count down mode.
An acoustic signal 105db-30cm (which can be excluded) warns when the time has run out.
It is supplied with a keyboard already connected by means of a cable 30 meters long. The eventual extension of the cable is very easy because it is a cable with only 2 conductors and without any polarity.
The sturdy membrane keyboard with big, coloured keys is reliable and easy to use.
Adhesive names are available in (LOCALI-OSPITI) Italian, (HOME-GUEST) English, (HEIM-GÄSTE) German, (LOCAUX-VISITEURS) French and (LOCALES-VISITANTES) Spanish. Please specify language at time of ordering.
Power supply: 230Vac, 30VA MAX.
Sturdy metal container.
Scoreboard dimension: width 85cm, height 38cm, depth 11cm.
Keyboard dimension: width 15.5cm, height 9cm, depth 1.5cm.
Total weight: 9.5kg.

PLAY20-C with remote control and keys only console (Art.350T)
Available version with infrared remote control.
Technical details of the remote control:

25 meters range.
Strong covering in aluminium and of contained dimensions: 11 x 4.8 x 2.2cm.
Keyboard with a membrane unassailable from dirty and liquids.

FAVERO ELECTRONIC DESIGN manufactures a wide range of electronic devices for sports and leisure activities, such as billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, clocks for hourly rates, Coin-token Acceptors, etc..We can satisfy the needs of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports

PS-M 160 Portable Multisport Scoreboard
Favero portable scoreboard visible from 30 metresHeigh of digits: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m.Multisport scoreboard for most indoor sportsShipped direct from factory to you usually in 10-15 days.Mains plug control with battery option if no power availableTransport case available for protection.
From £72.36
Multisports Substitution Board
Substitution board available as single or double sidedBattery operated with sub or extra time featuresFootball/Soccer Substitution or Extra Time Board and Martial ArtsCarry case available as an individual item Please allow up to 15 days for delivery, longer if going outside UK** 5% discount (at current exchange rates) for FA registered clubs
From £65.00
PS-M Portable Scoreboard Carry Case
Durable plastic carry case for Favero portableCarry case for the Favero PS-M portable scoreboard
FC54H25 Radio Control Multi Sport Scoreboard
Multisport scoreboard, FIBA approved, level 3. Radio ControlViewing distance: 110m. Height of main display digits: 25cm.Multisport Scoreboard suitable for medium sized Sports HallsDimensions and weight: 140x118x9cm, 32kg.Delivered direct from factory, usually within 15 daysScoreboard, Control console and carry case package, delivered.
RRP £3,250.00