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Multi Sport Small and Portable Scoreboards
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
Favero Electronic FC50H15 Multisport Scoreboard
Favero Multisport Radio Control Scoreboard
  • Favero FC50H15, brand new, with state of the art radio console
  • Favero Multisport scoreboard with radio control console
  • New concept wireless Console -700, touchscreen easy to use
  • Package deal complete with carry case for the control console
  • Wall mounted with time of day display when not in use.
  • An affordable Radio Control Board for all indoor sports
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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New from Favero with everything included to get you going and nothing to add on.

Multisport electronic scoreboard with 15cm digit height, for use in small sports halls with 50mtr readability range.Tested resistant to ball hits (DIN 18032-3). No front protection cover is required.
The console also works by its internal rechargeable lithium battery (14 hours before recharge with normal use). It should be re-charged after each period of use to maintain battery power/life.

Display of: team scores, game time, timeout, team fouls, period,ball possession.

Displays the time of the day.


Suitable for indoor application.

Wall mounting. Supplied with brackets.

Dimensions: 910 x 600 x 95mm. (3ft x 2ft x 5 inches approx) Weight: 10.1kg.

To be used together with specific control console

Readability angle: 150.

Displayed functions:- Team scores: [0 - 199], Game time: [00:00 - 99:59]

Timeout: [3 light indicators per team] Ball possession/Service/Bonus: [1 light indicator per team] Periods: [0 - 9]

Reliable wireless communication: by 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency

Hopping Spread Spectrum radio transmission to avoid interferences.

The use of a wireless system reduces costs by eliminating the need

of a cable connection between console and scoreboards.

CONSOLE 700Multisport console ideal for managing more than 10 sports.7" multilingual colour touchscreen display.Intuitive use, with no need of written instructions.14-hour average life rechargeable lithium battery.2.4GHz radio transmission, with FHSS (Frequency Hopping SpreadSpectrum) technology to avoid interference caused by other devices.USB port to easily update sports rules.Impact proof as per EN-60950 for movable equipment.Modern and ergonomic design, conceived for desktop and hand-held use.Supplied with power supplyIdeal for managing many different sports, such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football, futsal, hockey, rugby, tennis, water polo, and all the sports with the same features of other sports already managed.Multilingual. Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.All game information is displayed at the same time in the main sport screen, included statistics panels with fouls and points of each player.Up to 75 teams and relevant players can be entered, memorised and retrieved.A colour can be associated to each team; all the buttons assigned to a team are displayed with the associated colour. This facilitates operation and avoids mistakes

FAVERO ELECTRONIC DESIGN manufactures a wide range of electronic devices for sports and leisure activities, such as billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, clocks for hourly rates, Coin-token Acceptors, etc..We can satisfy the needs of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports

Multisports Substitution Board
Substitution board available as single or double sidedBattery operated with sub or extra time featuresFootball/Soccer Substitution or Extra Time Board and Martial ArtsCarry case available as an individual item Please allow up to 15 days for delivery, longer if going outside UK** 5% discount (at current exchange rates) for FA registered clubs
From £65.00
PS-M Portable Scoreboard Carry Case
Durable plastic carry case for Favero portableCarry case for the Favero PS-M portable scoreboard
FC50H25 Multi Sports Scoreboard
Multisport scoreboard, FIBA approved, level 3.Viewing distance: 110m for 25cm high digits, Resistant to damage from balls as per DIN 18032-3 Wall Mounting with brackets. Displays the time of the day.Dimensions and weight: 1400 x 830 x 90mm, 22kg.Package includes carry case for the console and delivery to UK*
RRP £2,499.00
FC54H25 Radio Control Multi Sport Scoreboard
Multisport scoreboard, FIBA approved, level 3. Radio ControlViewing distance: 110m. Height of main display digits: 25cm.Multisport Scoreboard suitable for medium sized Sports HallsDimensions and weight: 140x118x9cm, 32kg.Delivered direct from factory, usually within 15 daysScoreboard, Control console and carry case package, delivered.
RRP £3,250.00