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Electronic Scoreboards and Electronic Timing Equipment.

Sports Equipment Supplies supply a full range of Electronic Scoring and Timing Equipment for all sports at very competitive prices which are ' all in, delivered to you prices' with nothing to add on. VAT is included in our prices so you see what you pay up front.  If you find it cheaper, let us know!

 Sports scoring equipment ranges from a simple multi sports flip over scoreboard to a top of the range international standard Stramatel and Favero electronic scoreboards for any sport.

Stramatel scoreboard equipment is charged by a trickle charge system which is designed to be left on at ALL TIMES when the Stramatel equipment is not in use. This is to maintain the condition of the batteries in the control consoles.

 If you require more information on scoreboards or a quote for a scoreboard or timing equipment give us a call on 01642 645888 or e-mail us sales@sportsequipmentsupplies.com

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L-Top Mains Operated Wrestling Scoreboard
L-Top mains operated model to plug in anywhere.Offers a cheaper option to the L-Top battery modelPle..
L-Top Portable Battery Operated Scoreboard
Stramatel L-Top Portable wrestling scoreboardBattery operated, fully portable L-Top scoreboardPlease..
LED Backboard Lights
NBA style LED Backboard countdown lights.Stramatel Backboard lights link to shotclocksEach unit and ..
MF 7000 Super Pro Electronic Scoreboard
Stramatel entry FIBA level 1 electronic scoreboardStramatel MF7000 FIBA level 1 electronic scoreboar..
MF3023 Super Pro Electronic Scoreboard
Stramatel MF3023 is a multi function top of range boardStramatel MF3023 is programmable for 14 sport..
MF3123 Super Pro Electronic Scoreboard
Stramatel MF3123 is a multi function top of range boardStramatel MF3123 is programmable for 14 sport..
MF7020 FIBA Level 1 Scoreboard
Stramatel MF7020 is programmable for 14 sportsStramatel MF7020 has individual fouls for basketballSt..
MF7100 FIBA Level 1 Electronic Scoreboard
Stramatel MF7100 is a FIBA level 1 scoreboardStramatel MF7100 is programmable for 14 sports.Stramate..
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