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Playground Fun Ball
Playground Fun Ball
Playground Fun Ball
Playground Fun Ball
Baden Playground Fun Ball
Baden playground fun soft play balls
  • Great fun multi-sport soft play ball
  • For kids in the gym, school hall and playground.
  • Can be kicked, thrown, headed, bounced and caught!
  • Baden Playground ball, a soft ball for all sports
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  • Product in Stock
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This Baden playground ball is a soft rubber ball that is ideal for younger children to learn multi sport skills without encountering the hard, and sometimes painful, surface of normal sport balls.

Baden playground ball is available in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
8.5" Ball is 26" in circumference, roughly the size of a Football.
7" Ball is 22" in circumference
5" Ball is 16" in circumference

Baden is a specialist sports ball manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Baden design and manufacture sports balls at the forefront of the various sports, and have done so for over 30 years. Baden is totally dedicated to producing the highest standard of sports ball possible, their development is continuous, and they make their intent clear with their catchphrase of "Passion for a Better Game" (tm).

Baden were the innovators of the Tan and White Basketball and have been at the forefront of that basketball development, leading to FIBA changing the rules of basketball to allow white panels on Official Basketball Game Balls. Their new Perfection (tm) Basketball represents revolutionary changes that no-one had contemplated, where the symmetrical design means basketball players experience a consistent feel anywhere their hands touch the basketball.

Baden is the official match basketball of England Basketball and Basketball Scotland.

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