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Basketball Rings and Nets

  Basketball Rings come in two types, solid basketball rings and flex basketball rings.
Solid basketball rings are, as the name suggests, a rigid ring suitable for recreational basketball play. 
Flex basketball rings are designed to meet the rigours of basketball practice and basketball match play, to allow the basketball ring to 'flex' on a set of springs when it is 'dunked' on, thus helping prevent damage to the basketball backboard and support structure.

When fitting basketball rings to institutional boards there should always be a proper support frame behind the board to help ease the strain on the ring and prevent backboard breakage. Having a single metal plate behind the backboard does not offer sufficient support and may result in backboard breakage.

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203e Basketball Ring
Basketball 203e ring for home and Primary School useThis basketball ring is EN1270 approvedProbably..
215 Basketball Rebound Ring
Basic Sure Shot 215 basketball 'flex' ring.Sure Shot 18inch solid steel ring with basketball net..
261 Institutional Basketball Ring
A versatile solid steel basketball ring, ideal for Leisure CentresNot recommended for use at Nationa..
263 Ultra Heavy Duty Basketball Ring
Sure Shot 263 ultra heavy duty basketball ringSure Shot 263 basketball ring is EN 1270 Certified.One..
From £72.00
264 Heavy Duty Ring for Basketball
Sure Shot extra heavy duty ring for parks and schoolsSure Shot 264 is an option to the galvanised Gl..
RRP £141.99
265 Heavy Duty Double Basketball Ring
Sureshot 265 is possibly the strongest basketball ring.Sure Shot 265 basketball ring weighs 11kg,Su..
270 Heavy Duty Flex Basketball Ring.
Sure Shot 270 Flex Ring is the standard ring for NL BasketballSuitable for all high standard Competi..
RRP £620.00
From £266.00
277 Pro Image Flex Basketball Ring
Sure Shot 277 Pro Image flex ring, looks and plays like the 'pro's'Sure Shot 277 Flex Ring has 45kg ..
From £98.00
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