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Gymnastic and Aerobic Shapes and Beams
Wedge Soft Play Fun Shapes
Wedge Soft Play Fun Shapes
Wedge Soft Play Fun Shapes
Wedge Soft Play Fun Shapes
Sure Shot Gymnastics Wedge Soft Play Fun Shapes
Sureshot Gymnastic soft wedge shapes
  • Sureshot Wedges available in 2 different sizes
  • Sureshot Wedges are multi use items
  • Large wedges fold into compact shape with velcro fasteners.
  • Large Wedges weigh 15kg, Small Wedges weigh 5kg
  • Product in Stock
  • Product in Stock
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Sureshot soft play fun shape wedges come in two different sizes.
Sureshot soft play wedge fun shapes provide a variety of exercise situations.
Various rolling movements can be practiced.
Can be used for conditioning exercises eg. Sit ups.


Small wedges Yellow & Green or Red & Blue. Weight: 5 kgs.

Large wedges Blue & Grey, weight 15kgs

New size Large Wedge: Closed width 1000mm, length 1000mm (open 2000mm), height 500 mm
New size Small Wedge: width 600mm, length 600mm, height 600mm

  The Sureshot Gymnastics range has been developed using the Sureshot renowned production standards and technical expertise from Gymnastic experts to produce a high quality range of products.

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